Join Dr. Jodi as she leads you through a powerful and personalized 75 minute journey of combining tools for self-reflection and self-discovery with the traditional movements and postures of yoga. Each movement we do has a purpose, a deeper meaning connecting our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

This journey is designed to expand the perception and connection of the practice for both teachers and advanced practitioners. This experience is designed to help practitioners understand the unique symbolism behind each posture, and, through the journey help to:

● bust through self-imposed barriers
● release the baggage and fear holding you back from creating what you want in life
● tap into, discover and develop an understanding of how to trust your own strength and increase your self-confidence
● increase flexibility through opening both the body and the mind
● release judgment, expectation and develop more compassion for yourself and others

It is recommended to bring a journal and pen. Feel free to also bring any items that will help you to feel comfortable during the reflection and meditation portions of the session.