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Part of the reason we carry so much stress and tension is because our minds run constantly thinking about things that have happened, will happen or could happen. What we don't realize is that when our mind is somewhere else, we are completely missing the moment. Not only are we missing the present moment when we are wrapped up in our thoughts, but we are also creating tension, stress, anxiety, lack of focus and so many other experiences on our bodies because we spend so much time playing out scenarios rather than being in the here and now.

In this two hour experience, Jodi will guide you through exploring meditations you can learn how to put into your everyday life to help you:

-release, let go
-set intentions and goals
-explore the seven energy centers of the body called, chakras
-relieve stress
-focus and increase concentration
-relax before bed time
-calm down when the emotions are running too high at the office or at home
-improve personal intuition and learn how to listen to your own guidance and wisdom

This experience will leave you feeling grounded, re-centered, focused and more connected than when you arrived. 

Most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of not only what meditation is, but how to incorporate small pieces of a meditation practice into your day-to-day lifestyle.