Two years ago I wrote down this list of places I wanted to ‪#‎explore‬ . Some of these places I will travel are places I have visited before and others I just intuitively know I need to go experience.

Explore without timelines, boundaries or a plan.

The destinations on my journey are roughly mapped out, but the process of getting to each stop along the way and how long I stay is unknown.

For the first time...allowing myself to really go with the flow. Allowing the universe to help guide me where I am meant to all aspects.

On May 1st, I leave to take this dream from paper to reality.

I leave a city I have grown to love.

A city that has become home.

A city that has given me the opportunity and the courage to start my first two businesses and build a platform to share messages of inspiration.

A place where I have built relationships that will last a lifetime.

People, places and experiences that have taught me more about myself and about life than I have ever wanted or thought I would know.

Living out this wanderlust journey isn't something I can or want to do lugging around 1200 square feet of stuff from my Boston apartment.

So, it goes, clothes, anything that doesn't hold significant sentimental going.

I leave behind stuff I grew attached to because I thought it all defined me.

And over time, I realize as nice as those things are...they don't define me, I define me.

I call the shots on this crazy life.

I create who I am everyday with every action, belief and moment.

One thing I have learned is that in order to open ourselves up, we must be willing to let go. Let go of what we think matters and open to the possibilities of what can fill you up at levels you never imagined.

The next phase of my journey will be a full representation of letting go and detaching from all the things I used to think mattered...and connecting to something much deeper, bigger and more fulfilling.

Here's what I've learned and will take with me on my wanderlust:

It's not about what you have, it's about what you can give...

It's not about's about learning, failing, falling, getting back-up, believing, knowing, trusting, dreaming and wandering.

It's not about living under someone else's rules or lens of what they think your life should's about how you feel at night when you close your eyes, how you view yourself, they way you feel about your actions, behaviors and the life you have created.

It's not about sharing what you say you have's about the experiences you get to go through on the ‪#‎journey‬ and the experiences you create for others.

It's not about how you look, how much money you have or any of the other surface level "things" we give so much attention and value to in this's about how you feel, what you can give, how you take care of yourself.

Here's to the journey.
The unknown.
The growth.
The wonder.
The magic.
The stillness.
The peace.
The chaos.

Here's to New England.

Here's to New Beginnings.

Here's to it all..and all the amazingness that awaits.

I hope you'll join me on this journey. Of course you can join me by following my blog and on Facebook, but I hope you'll join me on your own journey of self-discovery. Your own version of wandering, exploration and as the Zac Brown Band says, living "like tomorrow never comes."

Embracing the path of the unknown, the willingness to be wild and the courage to be free.

To My Gypsy Dreams and Yours...Onward we go on the journey.

#bewild #befree #be #believe #youonlyliveonce