I recently contributed to an article via the Zenefits insurance blog regarding how workplace wellness programs can serve as a powerful tool to boost productivity.

Simply stated: The wellbeing of today’s employees suffers due to the ENORMOUS impact our workplaces have on our lives. 

After all, the majority of full-time staffers are spending at least 8 hours a day in the office, how could it not?

Here's an important except from the article that I think you'll find interesting...

As I aforementioned, "Finding your zen amidst the corporate chaos can feel nearly impossible in an office setting. “The ‘Always On’ phenomenon, including email marathons, back-to-back meetings, and long commutes thrown into the mix creates an ongoing demand for wellness tools and best practices to help manage stress, anxiety, and frustration on a daily basis."

And in a work environment that demands increasingly more from employees to keep pace with accelerating technology and higher expectations, stress can have a negative impact on wellbeing and on productivity.

“The average person spends the majority of their life at work, and about half of the population cites work as their biggest stressor,” says Dr. Ellie Cobb, a Manhattan-based holistic psychologist, researcher, and author. Cobb says that bringing wellness into the workplace has become more important than ever as the workplace becomes increasingly demanding. “Fortunately, research across numerous industries has found that increased satisfaction at work is directly linked with increased productivity,” she says, adding that workplace wellness programs have been found to effectively increase productivity due to this link between satisfaction and productivity. “Basically, workplace wellness programs engenders happier employees, and happy employees work harder and more efficiently.”

Long story short: what are you doing to ensure your personal wellness is maintained in the office? 

One easy way to find your calm, shift your focus and get inspired? MEDITATION. Right at your desk, 10 minutes tops.

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