For so long, I thought more was better.

More of anything and everything.

Thoughts of “it never being enough.”

Fill in the blank on “it”

These thoughts of the infinite need that has to be fulfilled are a result of many things.

Slowly, I am learning…

Fulfillment doesn’t come from an overabundance.

The reality is…it only takes one.

Just one…of anything and everything can make a difference.

One moment in time to fill your heart with love.

One person who knows someone that knows someone to connect you with someone who could change your life.

One second in time could re-write your story.

One move could change the way you see the world.

One choice can have the power to shift life as you know it.

One person who believes in you and sees what you aren’t able to see in yourself can be the catalyst for your fire to make a difference in this world.

One decision, in every single moment to take action toward the life you want.

One action to create change…

For you…

And others.

One book you can write that may be the source of inspiration to change the world.

One observation of an area of improvement in your company could be the “game changer” that saves the organization.

One word…when spoken with intention changes someone’s life.

We are all fighting our own battles every single day.

You just might be the one that can make a difference.

Be that one.

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