As the leader of a wellness organization, the culture that you intentionally create at your facility should be intrinsically reflective of both the space itself and your leadership bench who drives the organization forward.

Regardless of your line of business, there are several key factors that can contribute to your organizational success at large in the health and fitness industry, including your own purposeful leadership tactics.

 Below are a few best practices for Wellness Leaders to take into consideration as you set out to make some noise in a crowded and growing market:

 Mindful and Creative Mindset

First, one must possess the Zen Leadership mindset to gain momentum in the wellness industry. What does this entail exactly?

A clear, intentional, and consistent mission for your business—with measurable goals tied to your purpose that can be utilized as benchmarks for organizational success.

Goals, however, should serve as a general framework for your go-to-market strategy—not the end-all, be-all of your direction. They should not hinder your innovation, or the ability and agility to change and pivot as needed, given customer needs are constantly evolving.

One must always keep an open mind to new opportunities that can generate your potential growth—creativity is essential to any leadership role in a wellness organization.

All-Star Team of Mentors

Hiring top notch talent is far easier said than done for any organization, but it is absolutely critical for successful wellness leaders to bring apt people on board to execute the organizational mission and provide mentorship to your customers.

In the industry of people, it’s extremely important to build an excellent, diversified team who holds the ability to coach and inspire your customers to return, and moreover to spread positive feedback about your organization.

Nurturing your staff with growth and development opportunities is one way to show your gratitude for their dedication, and retain your all-stars in the long run.

Positive and Impactful Community Presence

To create a positive and impactful community presence, one must lead by example. Digital marketing is not enough to solely establish the credibility that your organization needs to survive in the wellness industry. 

Every wellness leader should strive to create a solid personal brand that can be tied back to the business to generate a meaningful following, both in person and online.

Some activities that can boost your presence through face-time with customers include sponsoring local networking events, hosting free workshops at your facility to attract newcomers, speaking at industry conferences, and publishing valuable content to be recognized as a thought leader in your space.

Memorable Client Experience

Creating a memorable client experience is last but certainly not least for wellness leadership best practices.

Personalized, fun, unique and unexpected experiences influence the way people perceive your brand. Get to know your customers. Thank them personally for their business. Create programs that are meaningful to your target audience and incentivize referrals.

It's these granular details that retain a long-term customer; that enable someone to rationalize paying more because they know from experience that your business is worth it.

It's these tiny but defining details that keep your customers mentioning you both online and to their peers who become the future of your organization’s growth.

All of these leadership attributes matter—as they can ultimately differentiate one wellness organization from another—validating your business integrity and purpose in a fast-growing landscape.