A friend recently asked me an important question...

What has been your biggest challenge as you introduce new communities around the world to Yoga?

My answer: Helping people who have always wanted to try yoga (heated or unheated) to overcome their fears and find the courage to come and take their first class. I often hear people who are new to yoga say:

“I tied that once, I am not good at it.”

“I am not flexible, so I can’t do yoga.”

“I am afraid I will pass out in a hot class.”

“I will feel like I am doing it wrong.”

“I can’t do what the person next to me is doing, so I am not good enough.”

These engrained beliefs that are self-imposed by what we see on commercials or in society are self-created and untrue. The practice of yoga is just that…practice. It provides an opportunity to spend time with yourself on your mat to move and breathe. Connecting physical movements with breath while allowing all other life distractions to fall away.

I often say to the classes I teach, “if you do nothing else than show up to your mat and breathe, you are doing yoga.”

I have personally been practicing yoga for over 7 years. I began practicing yoga in 2008. I was close to 200 pounds and had all of the same fears I just mentioned most others have about being in a yoga class.

Over time, my yoga and meditation practice became the one thing I looked forward to everyday as it was a place of peace, hope and provided a sense of self-confidence because I was seeing progress in how I was able to move and most importantly, how I felt physically, mentally and emotionally.

We all struggle with different challenges in life. My hope is that more students can experience yoga at a global scale, and embrace it as a powerful tool to navigate their winding path...with all of the unexpected twists and turns along the way!

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