Guided Meditation is a tool that can be used in many different ways; it can help to calm anxiety, relieve tension, quiet the mind, create a stronger connection to the present moment and let go of negative energy and stress. Even for a few minutes a day, meditating has profound effects, like lowering your heart rate and decreasing your overall anxiety. 

Meditation is also a tool to help you wind down before bedtime and set the stage for a peaceful and restful sleep. A few minutes of meditation can help to calm the mind on those nights when your head hits the pillow but your mind continues to run a marathon.

Whether it is a freak thing or a nightly occurrence, the racing mind simultaneously creates stress and tension in your body making it nearly impossible to not only fall asleep, but to get the physical, emotional and mental rest your body needs to re-charge.

Meditation before bed will help your mind, body and spirit get the rest that it needs. Release the tension you are harboring in your jaw, neck and shoulders. Lay back, rest your head, let the place where you fall support you and let me be your guide to relax, renew and restore your way to a restful nights sleep..

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