I think we can all relate to a feeling of not being, having or doing what we want in life.

“I wish I had a different job.”

“I wish my marriage was better.”

“I wish…._________________.”

Whether it is a job, relationship or other personal goal, we may have uttered the words...wishing something would be different or wishing for a change to take place from our current situation.

What have you wished for in your life?

When we resist the current situation as it is, the window to find a solution or create the change we are hoping for becomes smaller. The old saying of, “what we resist will persist.”

When we keep resisting what is, we stay stagnant, and therefore we make it difficult to identify solutions.

Here are a couple of strategies to fight the resistance and open yourself to new solutions:


Notice what you are resisting or wishing was different in your current situation. Awareness is the first step to creating space for solutions.


Accept the current circumstances just as they are, rather than wishing that things were different. Accepting allows you to work from a place of truth when planning and setting goals for what you want to create.


The circumstances of life are not what creates emotions (happy, sad, disappointed, etc.). The emotion around the circumstances of life is the meaning that we give to whatever is happening via the thoughts and emotions we have about the circumstance.

Once you become truthful with yourself about the current circumstances, allow the circumstances to just be.


Often times we base our self-value and self-worth by where we think we should be or how we compare to others. Re-define your measurements for success to ensure your goals are steps toward self-improvement, and not a stick you are using to beat yourself up in comparison to others.

Surrender to the circumstances as they are, be willing to face the truth. Allow space for new solutions to form and your wishes can come to life.