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Do you ever feel like your day (and life in general) has completely gotten away from you?

One minute you're opening your eyes and ears to a ringing alarm clock, and the next, your poor growling stomach is reminding you that you've skipped breakfast, and oh hey, it's now already lunchtime.

With much responsibility and limited time to conquer your never-ending task list, the middle of the day can bring a huge overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear to us all.

Whether you're working a 9-5 job, or managing your household all day long, a mid-day meditation practice can be a tremendous help to lift the weight off of your shoulders, re-focus and get you back to a place to make the most of the rest of your day.

But How? The best place to begin is to stop what you are doing, and simply take a few deep breaths. 

Then toss on your headphones and feed your soul with my guided meditation perfect for mid-day to calm and re-focus your energy from the chaos.

Download this guided meditation for free here:

Just remember, you don't need to be on a mat in a yoga studio to meditate, and life is far too short to live in a constant state of fear, stress and anxiety, so let go and Journey With Me!

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