As many of you know, my work purpose is made up of many different passions: yoga, education and coaching, just to name a few.

In addition to being a yoga teacher, studio owner and leader of an inspirational clothing brand, I also dedicate much of my time and energy to work with colleges and universities.  My work as a higher education consultant is focused on helping schools improve their enrollment management, student retention and overall student experience.

I'm excited to share this short article I wrote that was published with The Pacific Institute entitled, "What You Believe Matters - The Influence of Beliefs Impacting Student Retention."

This piece specifically focuses on the declining student retention rates at colleges and universities and similar to my personal philosophies and other work, how the power of beliefs and self-confidence is all inter-connected with the pursuit of goals and a sense of personal accomplishment.

Read the full article here:

Be Well and Believe,

 - Jodi