It is the moment you second guess yourself that holds your true power.

That moment when you want to give up.

The moment when you are exhausted and don't think you can go anymore.

This is the moment you have an opportunity to take your biggest steps.

This is the moment where you have an option to take what you've learned, piece your vision back together and go at your goal with a new found sense of purpose.

It is in this exact moment that magic happens.... What you thought were once insurmountable obstacles easily dissolve so you can see a different path toward accomplishing your goal.

It is in this moment that you have the choice to choose.

The choice is yours and yours alone.

Make every moment count. Even the moments you want to end, because they challenge everything you have - enjoy those too, because eventually, they will pass. These are the moments that you look back on with gratitude because they have made you what you are today.

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Be You and Believe,

 - Jodi