Yoga for Self-Confidence: Bending to Breakthrough

As featured in Yoga Trade

As many of you may already know, the topic of self-confidence hits veryclose to home for me. It is never easy to expose the deepest,darkest details of your life with strangers, but my belief and hope is that in sharing my story, perhaps I might influence and inspire others to take a risk and make the life-alteringdecision to ultimately choose happiness, in all of its forms.

I discovered yoga in 2008 while battling a cycle of depression. My practice motivated me to move through my own fear and gather the courage to take the proper steps and action to rebuild the confidence I now proudly carry with me today.

In my “Yoga for Self-Confidence: Bending to Breakthrough” post on Yoga Trade, I impart best practices on how to leverage your practice to boost your self-esteem and take on life’s challenges headfirst, however big or small those hurdles may be.

I hope you enjoy the readand spend time on your ownmat today to connect more closely with yourself…after all—you deserve it!


 - Jodi