White Sands National Monument, NM

White Sands National Monument, NM

You ever look at people and assume they must have it all figured out?

Well, here is the reality.

No one has it all figured out.

Everyone is just doing the best they can with the tools they have every day.

If there IS any secret to "having it all figured out", the secret might be not giving up on whatever it is you want to create for yourself....no matter what happens, allowing yourself to bend so much that you have a breakthrough.

Breakthrough doubt, fear, sadness...whatever is holding you back from where you want to go, be, do and experience in this lifetime.

Bend so much that you have a breakthrough.

As far as having it all figured out...I don't.
I take one day at a time. Bending and breaking. I'm just trying to live this life doing things that I love and surrounding myself with people that feel good to be around.
The stuff that brings me energy...that's what I want to do...and my hope is that somewhere along the way my work may inspire someone else to do the same.


- Jodi