Over two years ago, it began with a vision on a piece of paper.

Now, the time has come to bring the vision to life.

It has been a tough but exciting week. Preparing for this adventure and letting go of all my stuff came with a whole range of emotions.

Going through this process has helped me to realize as I leave Boston that today is not an ending or a new beginning.

Today marks another opportunity.

Another opportunity to follow the knowing of the heart and the voice of the soul.

When things got tough and I doubted my vision I reminded myself that...

You've gotta do the things that scare you.

Excite you.

Light a fire in you.

Because you only get one chance.

One chance to make it all count.

So, here's to making it all count.

Here's to believing in dreams and doing whatever it takes to bring them to life.

Let the journey continue.

#jodisjourney #wanderlust #believe #followyourheart

"How does it feel, how does it feel?

To be on your own, with no direction home. A complete unknown, like a rolling stone."

- Bob Dylan