Piero Ferrucci, one of the world's leading transpersonal psychologists, explores the "The Power of Kindness" in his book and comes to the conclusion that it is this attribute that will lead to our happiness and provide the light in a world that has become cold, anxious, challenging, and even scary at times. As our general pace of life accelerates, and emerging technologies dominate our culture, interpersonal communications have become hurried and distant, and the drive for profit often overrides common goodness. 

Dr. Ferrucci reveals that the kindest people are the most likely to be successful, to enable others to drive forward, and will ultimately lead the charge in moving our world away from violence and selfishness, towards love instead.

The holidays are the perfect time of year to press pause in our own lives and self-reflect on character and the person you want to grow into. Are you judging others for their differences? Do you show compassion for those who might lean on you for help during trying times?

Bullying is not just a problem for children, it happens everyday in the workplace, amidst social circles and even within families. How can we counter bullying in all facets of our lives and teach our children to stand up for themselves and others—for the common good?

We must profess to ourselves and to younger generations that we CAN make a meaningful impact—in fact, every single action, word and behavior matters and can be extremely powerful, in both a positive and negative way...so we must all act accordingly.

From the second you wake up each morning, the way you carry yourself, what you say and how you say it has the ability to effect every single person you come into contact with. Think about how empowering that is for you as a human being! In a world where we tell ourselves we are powerless, we actually can make a tangible difference.

Without question, if you are breathing, you have the ability to impact someone else's life. The question is, what kind of impact are you making?

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