The "Zenefits" of Finding Your Calm in the Corporate Chaos


I recently contributed to an article via the Zenefits insurance blog regarding how workplace wellness programs can serve as a powerful tool to boost productivity.

Simply stated: The wellbeing of today’s employees suffers due to the ENORMOUS impact our workplaces have on our lives. 

After all, the majority of full-time staffers are spending at least 8 hours a day in the office, how could it not?

Here's an important except from the article that I think you'll find interesting...

As I aforementioned, "Finding your zen amidst the corporate chaos can feel nearly impossible in an office setting. “The ‘Always On’ phenomenon, including email marathons, back-to-back meetings, and long commutes thrown into the mix creates an ongoing demand for wellness tools and best practices to help manage stress, anxiety, and frustration on a daily basis."

And in a work environment that demands increasingly more from employees to keep pace with accelerating technology and higher expectations, stress can have a negative impact on wellbeing and on productivity.

“The average person spends the majority of their life at work, and about half of the population cites work as their biggest stressor,” says Dr. Ellie Cobb, a Manhattan-based holistic psychologist, researcher, and author. Cobb says that bringing wellness into the workplace has become more important than ever as the workplace becomes increasingly demanding. “Fortunately, research across numerous industries has found that increased satisfaction at work is directly linked with increased productivity,” she says, adding that workplace wellness programs have been found to effectively increase productivity due to this link between satisfaction and productivity. “Basically, workplace wellness programs engenders happier employees, and happy employees work harder and more efficiently.”

Long story short: what are you doing to ensure your personal wellness is maintained in the office? 

One easy way to find your calm, shift your focus and get inspired? MEDITATION. Right at your desk, 10 minutes tops.

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Massachusetts Conference for Women: Post-Event Reflection


Yesterday I had an unforgettable opportunity to present in the Health & Wellness Pavilion at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, MA, one of the largest women's events in the country that boasted 11,000 attendees and wonderful sponsors like Dell, Reebok, Raytheon, and more.


As a speaker, I was treated like royalty, with a private VIP room to relax and review my presentation, which takes time and effort on behalf of the very busy, most likely anxious event staff—so thank you for a beautiful client experience. 

I first spent an amazing morning emceeing a session with The NY Times Best Selling Badass Author Jen Sincero, and then the afternoon with Diane Von Furstenberg and Meryl Streep, which left me truly reeling with inspiration and excitement to move my own business forward and empower myself to keep journeying forward towards my dreams.

At 3:50pm, I led my session in the pavilion on "Finding Your Zen in the Corporate Chaos", where I shared best practices for everyday grinders on how to find their zen as a leader in business. I had several executives approach me with applause, and was thrilled that my message and mission was so well received amidst a very brilliant audience of powerhouse women!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with such an inspiring and ambition group of women, who gathered to learn and network. Incredible things can happen when women support one another! 

In closing, here are some of my favorite quotes captured during the main sessions along with some photos to enjoy...

"We have to embrace the idea of our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world." -Jack Gilbert


"Hope is a plan. Don't worry about your weight, it is a waste of time when I think about how many years I wasted spending time on that." -Meryl Streep


And from the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg...

"There are so many doors out there, you never know which ones are your might not be glamorous, but a not so glamorous door can lead to a glamorous life. Nothing is too small."

"The more confident I became, the more I could sell confidence. Life is not about high and success, you have things that happen along the way. When you're successful, two things happen: 1) You can pay your bills; 2) You have a voice."

More Pictures Here:



Climbing Out of the Wishing Well


I think we can all relate to a feeling of not being, having or doing what we want in life.

“I wish I had a different job.”

“I wish my marriage was better.”

“I wish…._________________.”

Whether it is a job, relationship or other personal goal, we may have uttered the words...wishing something would be different or wishing for a change to take place from our current situation.

What have you wished for in your life?

When we resist the current situation as it is, the window to find a solution or create the change we are hoping for becomes smaller. The old saying of, “what we resist will persist.”

When we keep resisting what is, we stay stagnant, and therefore we make it difficult to identify solutions.

Here are a couple of strategies to fight the resistance and open yourself to new solutions:


Notice what you are resisting or wishing was different in your current situation. Awareness is the first step to creating space for solutions.


Accept the current circumstances just as they are, rather than wishing that things were different. Accepting allows you to work from a place of truth when planning and setting goals for what you want to create.


The circumstances of life are not what creates emotions (happy, sad, disappointed, etc.). The emotion around the circumstances of life is the meaning that we give to whatever is happening via the thoughts and emotions we have about the circumstance.

Once you become truthful with yourself about the current circumstances, allow the circumstances to just be.


Often times we base our self-value and self-worth by where we think we should be or how we compare to others. Re-define your measurements for success to ensure your goals are steps toward self-improvement, and not a stick you are using to beat yourself up in comparison to others.

Surrender to the circumstances as they are, be willing to face the truth. Allow space for new solutions to form and your wishes can come to life.  


What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

JA FB Quote 9.11.png

I remember when I was 5 years old. I wasn’t afraid of anything….except maybe the monster in the closet. Everything in life seemed amazing. I didn’t even know what it was like to care about what other people thought of me.

I had a blast in every single moment. I got a complete night’s sleep. The concept of judging, disliking or putting negative energy toward other people didn’t exist and didn’t need to exist.

Everyone was equal. Not better because of the car they drove or the job title they had at that moment. I didn’t care what people were wearing or what I was wearing. I lived most of my day in make believe land, dreaming up scenarios, people and creating things I thought were pretty amazing.

Everything seemed so much bigger than me physically but wasn’t the least bit intimidating.  Smiling and laughter happened without effort. Dreams and thoughts of what I wanted to be when I grew up were filled with the utter determination and conviction that without a doubt…this is what I am going to do and no one would tell me any different.

There was No Fear. No Doubt. No Insecurity.

But, at some point, things shifted. We all lose that ability to be able to live in the mind of a 5 year old. Caught up in a place that pulls our energy in a million different directions, and most of the time, it is spent on unproductive, meaningless chatter and banter on things and people we have zero control over.

However, we tend to consume ourselves with what other people do. How other people act. The things other people say, to determine some level of our self-worth and overall happiness.

We shift, and allow everything outside of our control to have a significant influence on…

Our level of self-confidence.

The actions we should and shouldn’t take, based on others' perception of our lives.

Believing that where we are is all there is, and that dream we once had that began with, “one day when I grow up, I am going to be…” is gone in an instant.

As I look at life today and revert back to my 5 year old mindset, I realize that there are so many things I have given attention to, that in the grand scheme of life, really don’t matter at all.

I realize that smiling and laughing is way more fun than being serious all of the time.

I have learned and I am still learning to quiet the voice of fear that loves to rear its head when I need dig deeper and find courage that I know still lies within.

I am understanding that the things, people and circumstances we choose to give our energy to determine how we feel overall about life.

I allow myself to remember that when I get angry or frustrated because someone doesn’t do what I think they should, or falls short of my expectations, that we are all human and who am I to judge?

Think back to when you were 5 years old. What was important to you then? How did you think about the world? What “you were going to be when you grow up?”

What was the ending of the sentence that began with…”one day when I grow up, I am going to be….”

Are you afraid of the same things today that you were back then?

How would your 5-year-old self perceive you today?

Let's journey together to identify your next breakthrough.

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Travel A Lot? Stay Fit with These Workout Tips for Jetsetting Women

So excited to have been featured in Murielle Magazine this month!

In case you missed it, this post is for the girlbosses, digital nomads, and everyone in between who constantly find themselves in different cities (and time zones)!

You are in a new location and want to try new things, so the article  is not about giving those things up. For example, if you are in Italy then do as the Romans do and EAT THE GELATO! 

That being said, the article focuses on two main things: Movement and Motivation, and if you have that, then the rest of it is just cake!

Travels and adventures are what we live for! However, without a home gym and a daily schedule, working out and staying fit can be challenging. Enjoy these 7 workout tips you can do while traveling!


It Only Takes One.

For so long, I thought more was better.

More of anything and everything.

Thoughts of “it never being enough.”

Fill in the blank on “it”

These thoughts of the infinite need that has to be fulfilled are a result of many things.

Slowly, I am learning…

Fulfillment doesn’t come from an overabundance.

The reality is…it only takes one.

Just one…of anything and everything can make a difference.

One moment in time to fill your heart with love.

One person who knows someone that knows someone to connect you with someone who could change your life.

One second in time could re-write your story.

One move could change the way you see the world.

One choice can have the power to shift life as you know it.

One person who believes in you and sees what you aren’t able to see in yourself can be the catalyst for your fire to make a difference in this world.

One decision, in every single moment to take action toward the life you want.

One action to create change…

For you…

And others.

One book you can write that may be the source of inspiration to change the world.

One observation of an area of improvement in your company could be the “game changer” that saves the organization.

One word…when spoken with intention changes someone’s life.

We are all fighting our own battles every single day.

You just might be the one that can make a difference.

Be that one.

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3 Steps to Own Your Confidence & Get Into Action Now!

When you’re on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation, something pretty amazing can happen. At a certain point, you hear the call to share the lessons you’ve learned.

It might start out as a whisper, but eventually it becomes a roar: You’re called to serve others and connect to a greater purpose. But even when that call is loud, I know the nasty voice of fear can be even louder.

The voice of fear holds you back, saying, “Who am I to do this? What do I have to offer? How would I even start?”

My response is: Who are you NOT to do this?

I learned this lesson from my friend, New York Times best-selling author Gabby Bernstein. Gabby has been a spiritual leader for more than a decade, and she’s committed to guiding us through the blocks that keep us from serving the world and rising up in our own way.

She’s doing it with a FREE 3-part video training that will get you into action to be abundant and make an impact doing what you love.

In this first video Gabby shares 3 steps you can take to truly own your confidence and get into action now. She took these 3 steps to become a speaker, author and public figure with zero background in her field.

Like Gabby herself, you’ll gain the confidence to embrace the fact that you have a divine purpose — and start taking inspired action so it can unfold.

Click here to watch the video and learn… 

The 3 steps to owning your confidence and getting into action now
How to overcome doubt and uncertainty
The #1 way to feel connected to your purpose
Watch now for an instant confidence boost.

Sending positive vibes your way all month,

Dr. Jodi

Leading Your Wellness Organization with Intention

As the leader of a wellness organization, the culture that you intentionally create at your facility should be intrinsically reflective of both the space itself and your leadership bench who drives the organization forward.

Regardless of your line of business, there are several key factors that can contribute to your organizational success at large in the health and fitness industry, including your own purposeful leadership tactics.

 Below are a few best practices for Wellness Leaders to take into consideration as you set out to make some noise in a crowded and growing market:

 Mindful and Creative Mindset

First, one must possess the Zen Leadership mindset to gain momentum in the wellness industry. What does this entail exactly?

A clear, intentional, and consistent mission for your business—with measurable goals tied to your purpose that can be utilized as benchmarks for organizational success.

Goals, however, should serve as a general framework for your go-to-market strategy—not the end-all, be-all of your direction. They should not hinder your innovation, or the ability and agility to change and pivot as needed, given customer needs are constantly evolving.

One must always keep an open mind to new opportunities that can generate your potential growth—creativity is essential to any leadership role in a wellness organization.

All-Star Team of Mentors

Hiring top notch talent is far easier said than done for any organization, but it is absolutely critical for successful wellness leaders to bring apt people on board to execute the organizational mission and provide mentorship to your customers.

In the industry of people, it’s extremely important to build an excellent, diversified team who holds the ability to coach and inspire your customers to return, and moreover to spread positive feedback about your organization.

Nurturing your staff with growth and development opportunities is one way to show your gratitude for their dedication, and retain your all-stars in the long run.

Positive and Impactful Community Presence

To create a positive and impactful community presence, one must lead by example. Digital marketing is not enough to solely establish the credibility that your organization needs to survive in the wellness industry. 

Every wellness leader should strive to create a solid personal brand that can be tied back to the business to generate a meaningful following, both in person and online.

Some activities that can boost your presence through face-time with customers include sponsoring local networking events, hosting free workshops at your facility to attract newcomers, speaking at industry conferences, and publishing valuable content to be recognized as a thought leader in your space.

Memorable Client Experience

Creating a memorable client experience is last but certainly not least for wellness leadership best practices.

Personalized, fun, unique and unexpected experiences influence the way people perceive your brand. Get to know your customers. Thank them personally for their business. Create programs that are meaningful to your target audience and incentivize referrals.

It's these granular details that retain a long-term customer; that enable someone to rationalize paying more because they know from experience that your business is worth it.

It's these tiny but defining details that keep your customers mentioning you both online and to their peers who become the future of your organization’s growth.

All of these leadership attributes matter—as they can ultimately differentiate one wellness organization from another—validating your business integrity and purpose in a fast-growing landscape.

Accepting the Challenge: Introducing Yoga to the World

A friend recently asked me an important question...

What has been your biggest challenge as you introduce new communities around the world to Yoga?

My answer: Helping people who have always wanted to try yoga (heated or unheated) to overcome their fears and find the courage to come and take their first class. I often hear people who are new to yoga say:

“I tied that once, I am not good at it.”

“I am not flexible, so I can’t do yoga.”

“I am afraid I will pass out in a hot class.”

“I will feel like I am doing it wrong.”

“I can’t do what the person next to me is doing, so I am not good enough.”

These engrained beliefs that are self-imposed by what we see on commercials or in society are self-created and untrue. The practice of yoga is just that…practice. It provides an opportunity to spend time with yourself on your mat to move and breathe. Connecting physical movements with breath while allowing all other life distractions to fall away.

I often say to the classes I teach, “if you do nothing else than show up to your mat and breathe, you are doing yoga.”

I have personally been practicing yoga for over 7 years. I began practicing yoga in 2008. I was close to 200 pounds and had all of the same fears I just mentioned most others have about being in a yoga class.

Over time, my yoga and meditation practice became the one thing I looked forward to everyday as it was a place of peace, hope and provided a sense of self-confidence because I was seeing progress in how I was able to move and most importantly, how I felt physically, mentally and emotionally.

We all struggle with different challenges in life. My hope is that more students can experience yoga at a global scale, and embrace it as a powerful tool to navigate their winding path...with all of the unexpected twists and turns along the way!

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My Mantra: Life is a Journey


In case you missed my recent feature in Mantra Magazine, I discussed what I know for sure and what I wish I would've known in my 20's. 

My Mantra, "Life is a Journey" has helped me to personally embrace all of the unexpected twists and turns on my path. The twists and turns that have ultimately led me to exactly where I am supposed to be and always in perfect timing.

The common saying that life and happiness are a journey (not a destination) encourages us to let go, let the path lead us and embrace the unknown. Balancing the surrender to the unknown with an understanding that at the end of the day, the only thing we have control over is how we respond with our own emotions and behaviors to where our path leads us.

In my Free Monthly Journey Toolkit, I share tools like inspirational videos, virtual yoga sessions, meditation & more straight to your inbox to help you navigate your everyday, winding, crazy beautiful journey. Encouraging you to trust that while your journey can sometimes feel scary, confusing, frustrating or absolutely perfect is taking you exactly where you need to be - at exactly the perfect time.

Let Me Be your Guide and let's journey together

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Winding Down: Bedtime Meditation to Calm and Quiet the Mind

Guided Meditation is a tool that can be used in many different ways; it can help to calm anxiety, relieve tension, quiet the mind, create a stronger connection to the present moment and let go of negative energy and stress. Even for a few minutes a day, meditating has profound effects, like lowering your heart rate and decreasing your overall anxiety. 

Meditation is also a tool to help you wind down before bedtime and set the stage for a peaceful and restful sleep. A few minutes of meditation can help to calm the mind on those nights when your head hits the pillow but your mind continues to run a marathon.

Whether it is a freak thing or a nightly occurrence, the racing mind simultaneously creates stress and tension in your body making it nearly impossible to not only fall asleep, but to get the physical, emotional and mental rest your body needs to re-charge.

Meditation before bed will help your mind, body and spirit get the rest that it needs. Release the tension you are harboring in your jaw, neck and shoulders. Lay back, rest your head, let the place where you fall support you and let me be your guide to relax, renew and restore your way to a restful nights sleep..

I invite you to enjoy a bed-time meditation for FREE as a sneak preview to my debut album that's now available via iTunes for just $9.99.



The Power of Mid-day Meditation

Journey with me.jpg

Do you ever feel like your day (and life in general) has completely gotten away from you?

One minute you're opening your eyes and ears to a ringing alarm clock, and the next, your poor growling stomach is reminding you that you've skipped breakfast, and oh hey, it's now already lunchtime.

With much responsibility and limited time to conquer your never-ending task list, the middle of the day can bring a huge overwhelming sense of anxiety and fear to us all.

Whether you're working a 9-5 job, or managing your household all day long, a mid-day meditation practice can be a tremendous help to lift the weight off of your shoulders, re-focus and get you back to a place to make the most of the rest of your day.

But How? The best place to begin is to stop what you are doing, and simply take a few deep breaths. 

Then toss on your headphones and feed your soul with my guided meditation perfect for mid-day to calm and re-focus your energy from the chaos.

Download this guided meditation for free here:

Just remember, you don't need to be on a mat in a yoga studio to meditate, and life is far too short to live in a constant state of fear, stress and anxiety, so let go and Journey With Me!

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Let Me Be Your Guide: Journey with Me

I absolutely adore this infographic below on the Benefits of Meditation from Live and Dare! (I honestly couldn't have said it better myself, and they were kind enough to let me share it with all of you!)

If you're looking to try Meditation, but are afraid...or you think it's weird...or you think you're too busy...(your list of excuses will go on and on)...I encourage you to let go and open yourself up to the possibility that you actually do have the power to control your own body, emotions, and behavior with some simple breathing techniques. 

I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and take a Journey with Me. Let me be your guide and give yourself a chance to calm, re-focus and be inspired with the power of the breath.

Let's get started, here is one of the new tracks from my upcoming meditation album you can download for free:

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What is Meditation and Why Should I Care?

What is Meditation?

Meditation isn't just for the yogi experts, or the vegans, or the people who have been to Woodstock...or whatever else comes to mind when you stereotype what meditation is and who would meditate. Meditation is for everyone and could be exactly what you need to relieve stress and find peace and direction in your everyday life.

In the most simple form, meditation is merely the process of bringing your mind back to the present moment. Most days we live lost in the past, future, to-do lists or other stories our mind wants to take us on and tell us are more important.

There are so many statistics out there, but I recently heard the mind has over 60,000 a day. Contrary to what many think, meditation is not the process of shutting off your thoughts, as that is impossible.

Meditation is about the process of clearing space in the mind, no matter what is happening around you, so that you can be completely present in the current moment.

I know from personal experience, beginning the process of meditating can be frustrating, confusing and overwhelming because you feel like nothing is happening. Meditation can also bring up feelings of frustration because it can be difficult to re-direct the mind back to the here and now when it wants to take you in a million different directions.

As ironic as it sounds, it can feel very overwhelming and nearly stressful to figure out how to let go of anxiety and be still with your thoughts and your breath.

Good news... that is why it is called a meditation practice. A practice is something to do consistently in an effort to grow. There is no need to worry about "doing it right" or "not being good at it." Just sit and breathe, there is no right or wrong with that process, the body knows what to do, join it with your mind and bring attention to the breath.

The other challenge people find with exploring meditation is feeling like they have to meditate in a certain way or at a certain time. Are there suggested ways to sit and environments to practice? Sure.

But, you don't have to sit cross legged in a dark quiet room, with candles, chanting. The reality is, when we are starting off with anything new, it can be difficult to see enough value to make the dedicated time and clear space in our busy calendars.

Part of my personal mission is to educate as many people as possible all over the world who want to learn more on where to begin, help them directly experience the benefits and provide ways on how to make it possible to bring wellness practices into their busy everyday lives.

Why Should I Care?

If you are a human being living on this planet, in this day and age, I can promise you, you will benefit and need some meditation in your life. Educating people on the what, why and how of wellness practices like yoga and meditation is one of the reasons I created The Yoga Movement.

Part of the reason we carry so much stress and tension is because our minds run constantly thinking about things that have happened, will happen or could happen.

What we don't realize is that when our mind is somewhere else, we are completely missing the moment. Not only are we missing the present moment when we are wrapped up in our thoughts, but we are also creating tension, stress, anxiety, lack of focus and so many other pressures on our physical bodies because we spend so much time playing out scenarios rather than being in the here and now.

So, why meditate? Feel less stressed, lower anxiety levels, lessen tension and be able to enjoy more of the here and now rather than worrying and living in fear or anticipation of the what "could have, should have or will be."

To help you get started on your meditation practice, guided meditation podcasts or recordings can be an enormous help, giving you focus, direction and instructions to let go of your surroundings, thoughts, fears and anxiety—and teach you how to begin to tune into your breath and the body. This is exactly why I am creating a guided meditations album to add to your journey toolkit. The album will be another resource you can use at any point in time to help you calm, re-focus and tap into some inspiration.

In the coming weeks, the entire guided meditation album, Journey with Me: Guided Meditations to Calm, Re-Focus and Inspire , including over 20 tracks will be available for purchase on I-Tunes. What I love about these meditations is that they were created for the most common triggers in our day (anxiety, food cravings, low energy, bad day, angry at your boss, traffic, etc.) and will help you learn how to go to your own meditative space –no matter the setting.

As a sneak peek, I have shared three of the meditation tracks for you to download for free that will be a part of the complete album. Download the track (or all three) that calls to you and begin your meditation practice with me today.

I look forward to our journey together.


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Join The Yoga Movement

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2017 is to continue driving The Yoga Movement to local schools, universities and communities at a global scale. The primary goal of The Yoga Movement is to share the benefits of Yoga with those who may be intimidated by meditation and the practice at large. 

I also am extremely passionate about delivering the benefits of Yoga to the next generation, per MindBodyGreen below including:

  • Develop body awareness
  • Learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way
  • Manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement
  • Build concentration
  • Increase their confidence and positive self-image
  • Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group
  • Have an alternative to tuning out through constant attachment to electronic devices

One of the reasons that I have created The Yoga Movement is to speak, teach and educate people of all ages who are curious but have never tried yoga, explain the big concepts in a way that makes sense and really reach and teach diverse audiences and abilities who are overlooked when it comes to information on yoga, wellness practices and meditation.

Keep in Touch via for my virtual & live tour information!

Are you a yoga instructor and want to be part of the movement? Submit your information below to get in touch on how how to get involved!

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I am interested in learning more about The Yoga Movement.

The Benefits of Travel Therapy

For those of you who have been following me on my Wanderlust Journey, I'm sure you've caught on to the fact that I am energized by traveling, meeting new people and experiencing the world. In fact, I find it hard to stay in one place for too long (hence my new destination Bulgaria for this entire month, SO exciting!).

I have found that travel is so much more than a wonderful opportunity to take a break and have some fun. It can be utilized as medicine to heal your soul and enlightenment to expand your mind.

Here are a few ways to leverage travel as a therapeutic tool:

BE Present

Ferris Bueller once said,  "Life moves pretty fast--if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it." The same goes for travel. Trips and excursions will come and go...if you're too caught up in the logistics and don't spend time actually soaking in new surroundings, you're not going to fully experience all of the interesting pieces of your trip. So let the tendency to worry about tomorrow, last week or the to-do list go and be present in the moment.

BE Open-minded

Travel is about bursting the security bubble and escaping your comfort zone! Moving away from the familiar and discovering the unknown. Travel asks us to let go of our inhibitions, open our arms to new people and places, and to stay open-minded no matter what may come up along the journey. Although this can sometimes be easier said than done, let go of the tendency to constantly compare your current surroundings to home, and observe the unique and exciting attributes that you've never experienced before. Take it all in and enjoy it.

BE Positive

Expect the unexpected because things that are unplanned will come up. We all know the drill: planes get delayed, flat tires happen, arguments arise in stressful situations, Siri guides us in the wrong direction, our luggage gets lost, the list goes on and on. Remind yourself that travel is a unique and exciting opportunity to let go of the negative vibes and stay positive—embrace the "this too shall pass" mantra. Chances are, you'll figure it all out and have a funny story to share later on! Losing your cool and letting challenges ruin your entire travel experience is so not worth it. 

BE Creative

Take photos, GoPro videos, write your highlights in a journal—do whatever inspires you and get creative! Documenting it even in a small capacity will serve as a therapeutic experience to fully understand your life travels, and provides memorable content to reflect on later as you reflect back on all of your adventures.

Most of all...enjoy the journey!




The Journey Continues...On to Bulgaria!

Getting ready to spread my wings and fly...overseas this time! I am honored and beyond excited.....Bulgaria here I come! 

The entire month of January I will be teaching yoga and meditation at Urban Yoga in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thank you to Maria and Richard for sharing this wonderful opportunity with me and offering me the chance to take my teaching and passion outside of the United States.

This message of wellness and inspiration has a purpose and I feel honored to be one of the many teachers who has the opportunity to lead and share the power behind the practice.


New Year's Resolutions (that last longer than 30 days)

It’s that time of year again, when we reflect on the year behind us and write our resolutions for the 365 days to come. According to Harvard Social Psychologists, it typically only takes 30 days to break our heartfelt resolutions.

Below are some tips to help you set attainable goals that will make you feel better and set you up for success in setting and achieving your goals in the new year:

WRITE IT DOWN - Create one resolution versus many, be specific, and write it down. Keep it in front of you each day, perhaps on a bulletin board or in your phone notes. "Finding a new job" is too general, put parameters and metrics around your goal, i.e. "Have 3 job interviews schedule in the next 90 days."

SET YOUR INTENTION - Make sure to ask yourself, "Why is this really important to me? How will this bring value into my life?" If you can't answer those two questions, then choose a new resolution. You don't want to waste your time and energy on anything that isn't going to tangibly improve your well-being.

SHARE IT - Identify someone you trust or work with a personalized coach to report your goal to and have them hold you accountable in some way. Accountability is key in goal setting, and getting others involved in your journey often helps.     

BE PRESENT - Focus on the here and now. Come up with one action each day that will move you closer to your goal and get it done. Then celebrate your milestones as they happen, not at the end of the year when you reevaluate your performance. Ongoing support and feedback is crucial for achieving your goals!

GET BACK ON THE HORSE - Be prepared to make mistakes and veer off track from your goal. You're a human, after all! But, when you do fall off, have the courage and confidence to remind yourself that it's okay, your goal is still waiting and attainable, and start over again.

Cheers to a 2017 that is designed and created by YOU!


10 Life Lessons Learned (While Driving In Your Car!)

Imagine getting into your car and traveling from one destination to another.

No matter whether it’s a short trip or a long haul, think of all the steps you go through to drive a vehicle. Adjusting your seats, mirrors, keys in the ignition…checking around you for potential hazards you need to avoid, the list could go on for miles.

Now, imagine this same daily activity we are all so familiar with, and applying it to how you steer yourself down the road of life.

You are in the driver’s seat. Your vehicle is life. Destination: up to you.

Here is How I See It:

1.     The road map will help keep you going in the general direction toward your destination.

2.     You need the proper fuel to keep your engine running.

3.     As the driver, you can choose to change directions at any time.

4.     If you make a wrong turn, figure out why and choose to continue on the path and explore, or turn around and go back the direction from which you came.

5.     People around you may get in the way, cut you off or challenge your direction. Keep your eyes on the destination and stay on your road.

6.     Let it be okay to get lost. Exploring new places and terrain is where growth takes place.

7.     Stay present and alert. You never know what may happen, or what you may see along the journey.

8.     The vehicle you are driving has tools to help you navigate almost any situation. Learn what tools you have and know when and how to access them along your journey.

9.     You may run out of gas, you may end up in an accident—the unknown is inevitable. When the unexpected happens, accept it, go with the flow and stay open to solutions. Most importantly, get back behind the wheel and keep driving.

10.  The ride is always much more fun with good music. Find your favorites and turn em’ up loud.

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The Ripple Effect

Physics tells us that every action has a reaction. Think about a raindrop for instance—something as small, simple and often unnoticeable as a rain drop can cause an entire rippling reaction.

The same holds true for our actions, behaviors, words and responses to life as individual human beings. Make sure the ripple you are making has positive effects that you want to be tied to.

Long story short—we all have a choice, every single day. We can choose to sit back and let life happen to us as reactionary human beings, or we can create a proactive action plan to achieve our own success and happiness, which requires hard work, honesty and dedication even during challenging times.

Your journey action plan should include a path for wellness that ties your physical state to your mental and emotional self, through a healthy lifestyle and a healthy thought process. 

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